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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Seratour rent a car in Bandung Bandung car rental

Seratour rent a car in Bandung Bandung car rental
Seratour crew Bandung car rental
Welcome to Seratour rent a car in Bandung
Bandung car rental
Seratour Car Rental, a Bandung car rental service. We provide good service combined using a reasonable price.
We can also arrange your city tour while you're in Bandung.
Please be sure to contact us for the enjoyable trip in Bandung.
For almost any inquiries regarding our car rental service please don't hesitate to make contact with or SMS us.

Our contact number :
Email : jhonwieyono@gmail. com

Please Note : if customers like to book the car or extend the car rent, customers must contact Seratour Car Rental directly via phone (call/text massage/whatsApp +62817613152) or via email jhonwieyono@gmail. com

We'll not be held responsible for almost any problems occur if customers booked the car from drivers.

General Term and Condition

Seratour Car Rental General Term and Condition

The rental price quoted equals to the usage of car for 14 hours for Bandung tour along with other town starting due to time we pick you up, additional use of vehicle after 14 hours will certainly be charged per additional hour. Please refer to Car Rental Price
The worth quoted include car and driver, but NOT included toll fee, parking fee, fuel cost, and driver’s meal.
The car rented with driver, we don’t rent the car without driver.
Discount available for long tem use of a lot more than 7 days.
Tariffs are fixed and has to be paid upon the first day from the rent period.
Please make confirmation a minimum of 1 week until the rent period.

Seratour Car Rental Price
We've 5 different kinds of vehicle :

Book Bandung Car Rental
The worth as follows (quoted in Rupiah)
Updated November 30, 2014
Sort of Car Price per Day (equals 14 hours) Additional each hour Capacity
Toyota Innova
Toyota Innova Rp. 600. 000 Rp. 75. 000 7 seaters
Toyota Avanza
Toyota Avanza Rp. 500. 000 Rp. 60. 000 7 seaters
Isuzu Elf
Isuzu Elf Click here for details
Rp. 125. 000 12 seaters
Bandung car rental bus Click here for details 18 -59 seaters
Kia Travello
Kia Travello Click here for details Rp. 100. 000 10 seaters

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